bnocular sees what's important before anyone else.

Our team is experienced in mobile applications, retail merchandising, data science and analytics. We know a First Principle in retail is that in-store execution and performance drive revenue and profit.

Financial firms, brands, retailers and shopper marketing agencies trust us to benchmark in-store metrics relevant to understanding the performance of their brands and products, as well as those of competitors.

We develop proprietary technology to collect, verify, structure, and analyze data that describes the physical world. We often complement our own data sets with other data available to brands, financial investors, or other data providers. Our first focus is retail, although there are numerous categories that can and will be explored. Our team is located in San Jose, California.

Our work is bespoke based. Contact us to build your own bespoke research covering brands or products.

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bnocular is a service of GroundCntrl Inc.