Discovering Early Insights Across Retail Categories

bnocular is a business intelligence service that benchmarks the retail performance of brands. We gather qualitative and quantitative data from a statistically relevant sample of stores or any physical venue to discover actual trends and understand how in-store execution impacts the customer path to purchase.

Public and private data sets can be incorporated into our analytics to get a 360 view of the store, the consumer or the brand. We often merge data representing both online and offline activities.

Our work is sold by subscription or as custom projects focused on specific companies and analysis.


Proprietary Data + Big Data = Predictive Insights

Actionable Insights

Most analysis is initiated with a thesis or situational premise in mind. We use publicly available  or private data sets as appropriate to expand the purview of our proprietary data. Analysis discovers early trends and inflexion points while removing anecdote. We often parse or analyze data across the various disciplines of marketing, sales, research, merchandising, finance, etc.


Hyperlocal Sampling

Gathered at scale, across global geographies. Our consumer shoppers in North America, Europe and Asia use our mobile platform for explicit field instructions accompanied by data and photo capture.


High Signal to Noise

Our highly structured data sets are validated for time, location and compliance. Data and photos are captured over time to track specific metrics. Concurrent input streams mean low latency for time to analysis. We immediately see changes in a brand's retail execution or customer interactions at purchase.