Discovering Early Insights Across Retail Categories

91% of consumer retail still occurs in brick and mortar stores. Pricing, promotion and merchandising execution all impact a brand's revenue and profit.

bnocular is a business intelligence service that benchmarks the retail performance of brands. We gather qualitative and quantitative data from a statistically relevant sample of stores, malls, or any physical venue to discover actual trends and determine if execution is aligned with management's stated goals.

Our work is sold by subscription or as custom projects focused on specific companies and analysis.


Proprietary Data + Big Data = Predictive Insights

Actionable Insights

Most analysis is initiated with a thesis or situational premise in mind. We use publicly available data sets as appropriate to expand the purview of our proprietary data. Analysis discovers early trends and inflexion points while removing shopper anecdote.


Hyperlocal Sampling

Gathered at scale, across global geographies. Our consumer shoppers in North America, Europe and Asia use our mobile platform for explicit field instructions accompanied by data and photo capture.


High Signal to Noise

Our highly structured data sets are validated for time, location and compliance. Data and photos are captured over time to track specific metrics. Concurrent input streams mean low latency for time to analysis. We immediately see changes in a brand's retail execution or customer interactions at purchase. 


What Do You Need To Know?

These are some of the questions we've answered.


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Women's Affordable Luxury Fashion

Can affordable luxury brands like Coach, Michael Kors, and Kate Spade maintain their pricing strategies on new product lines? Will promotions and discounts drive customers, or eat into margins?

Our monthly reports during 2015 showed continuing same store sales declines at COH, as later mentioned in their 8/04/2105 Earnings Release.

Fast Casual / Fast Food

Will mobile and in-store kiosk ordering improve customer throughput? Are meal promotions and capital upgrades working?

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Bloomberg Business: Americans' Spending on Dining Out Just Overtook Grocery Sales for the First Time Ever. April 14, 2015



Can UnderArmour give Nike and Addidas a run for the money with larger brand stores, better inventory management, and visible branding in sports outlets?



How are new store construction, vacancies, and anchor tenant downsizing impacting mall REITS capacity.


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Subscription Offerings

Women's Affordable Luxury Brands Cohort

Each brand is jockeying for market share with an upscale consumer who is designer aware. Each has a distinct designer product line, price point, and in-store strategy. Will brand loyalty and price points hold?


A Sample Of What We See and Track

Average transaction rates per walk-in traffic at cohort retailers

Average transaction rates per walk-in traffic at cohort retailers

Signature handbag ASP trend across cohort

Signature handbag ASP trend across cohort


Athleisure - Lululemon Athletica and Its Competitors

Can LULU stay out in front of its many competitors? More stores are opening in close proximity to each other at malls. Will men buy Athleisure product lines? Are brands fighting for share or growing market reach?

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Metrics we're tracking: clearance rack inventory and pricing, transactions per retailer, product line changeovers.